Earn money with your music!

If you’re creating music and sounds on your own and would love to make a living out of it, you can participate in our audio contribution program. Let us know what kind of songs and sounds you produce, give us some insights. We will evaluate the need for your style and get in touch.

Our audio contribution program is based on individual cooperation with selected musicians, audio engineers, music producers and sound designers. Depending on your preferences, we will discuss with you how many audio items you would like to create on a regular basis, how payment will be handled, what standards are important to us and how our cooperation will proceed. We attach utmost importance to good collaborations, so you can submit your music the way you’d like to while keeping all of your creative freedom.

If you are unsure, whether your music, audio logos, sound effects or even new and creative auditive ideas are suitable for our platform, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are open-minded and love to hear your music. What’s the worst that could happen? Exactly, nothing! So please go ahead and reach out. If you are looking for other jobs, please head over here.

Join our audio contribution program

    We reserve the right to decline applications to the audio contribution program based on qualitative aspects, current need for the given genres, attempts to exploit our services or inappropriate behavior in terms of moral, law (especially copyright) or civility. We do have a zero-tolerance policing when it comes to copyright issues. After being approved to the audio contribution program you will receive dedicated clauses about intellectual property, liability and acceptable use as supplementary to our privacy policy. For reasons of fairness we stick to our equal treatment for all inquiries and submitted audio items.