Eating Crunchy Chips
Eat Chips with Open Mouth$1.00$3.00
Throwing Something Into Plastic Cup
Throw Needle In Plastic Cup$1.00$3.00
Tank Shot Explosion Impact
Bomb Explosion Shot Impact$1.00$3.00
Metallic Hammer Clang Impact
Swoosh Metal Impact$1.00$3.00
Low-Frequency Space Hit Impact
Explosion Impact Aftermath$1.00$3.00
Crush Soda Can
Crush Soda Can$1.00$3.00
Great Tit Bird Tweets
Happy Birds Great Tit Tweet$1.00$3.00
Gamepad Controller Press Buttons
Gamer Playing Via Controller$1.00$3.00
Distant Thunder Bomb Impact
Ambient Thunder Storm$1.00$3.00
Human Fart
Loud Human Fart$1.00$3.00
Pigeon Coo
Bird Pigeon Cooing$1.00$3.00
Reloading Gun
Repeating Gun / Reloading Rifle$1.00$3.00
Gun Shot Impact
Big Gun Shot$1.00$3.00
Microphone Tap
Tapping Microphone Test$1.00$3.00
Crash Cymbal Whoosh Impact
Badum Tss Drums After Joke$1.00$3.00
Arcade Retro Game Theme
Retro Game Race Countdown$1.00$3.00
Bike Wheel Spokes
Bicycle Bell Ding$1.00$3.00
Retro Game Evil Intro
Gaming Level Up Bonus$1.00$3.00
Upbeat Retro Game Chiptune Intro
Bonus Star Retro Game$1.00$3.00
Bike Wheel Spokes
Bike Bell Warning$1.00$3.00
Upbeat Retro Game Chiptune Intro
Retro Game Enemy Attack$1.00$3.00
Arcade Retro Game Theme
Retro Game Extra Life$1.00$3.00
Low-Frequency Space Hit Impact
Heavy Impact Drop$1.00$3.00
Arrow Flyby Echo
Arrow Shot Woosh$1.00$3.00
Loud Metal Hit Impact
Stick Air Swing Swish$1.00$3.00
Low-Frequency Space Hit Impact
Laser Cannon Zipping$1.00$3.00
DJ Scratch Vinyl
Party DJ Scratches Vinyl$1.00$3.00
Typewriter Bing
Typewriter / Cash Register Bing$1.00$3.00
8-Bit Game Theme
Hit Enemy in Retro Game$1.00$3.00
Grind Knife Dagger Blade
Dagger Blade Hit Kitchen$1.00$3.00
Arcade Retro Game Theme
Gaming Lost Game Health$1.00$3.00
Arcade Retro Game Theme
Retro Game Find Coin$1.00$3.00
Arcade Retro Game Theme
Retro Game Collect Coin$1.00$3.00
8-Bit Game Theme
Retro Game Bonus Coin$1.00$3.00
Medieval String Intro
Sword Clash Fight$1.00$3.00
Industrial Sword Metal Impact
Sword Dagger Blade Pull$1.00$3.00
Kitten Meow Cat
Kitten Meowing Pet Cat$1.00$3.00
Toast glass speech
Clink Glass For Toast Speech$1.00$3.00
Notification Interface Menu Popup
HUD Interface Menu Popup$1.00$3.00
Applause Clapping Crowd
Applause Clapping With Cheers$1.00$3.00
Applause Clapping Crowd
Big Thunderous Applause Clapping$1.00$3.00
Low-Frequency Space Hit Impact
Huge Cinematic Impact Asteroid$1.00$3.00

In everyday life, some sounds appear more often than others. So it’s no surprise that some sound effects are more popular and used more often than others.