Experimental Crash Impact SFX
Abstract Industrial Crash$1.00$3.00
Loud Metal Hit Impact
Industrial Horror Metal Impact$1.00$3.00
Metallic Hammer Clang Impact
Metal Hit Impact$1.00$3.00
Low-Frequency Space Hit Impact
Ground Impact Echo$1.00$3.00
Low-Frequency Space Hit Impact
Metal Space Impact$1.00$3.00
Experimental Crash Impact SFX
Exploding Glass Impact$1.00$3.00
Cinematic Whoosh Riser Impact
Ambient Whoosh Impact$1.00$3.00
Industrial Sword Metal Impact
Metal Clang Thud Impact$1.00$3.00
Construction Site Power Hammer
Construction Site Power Hammer$1.00$3.00
Hammer Impact
Drop Iron Bar / Hammer on Anvil$1.00$3.00
Loud Metal Hit Impact
Industrial Work Ambience$1.00$3.00
Drilling Machine Screw
Drilling Machine Screw$1.00$3.00
Boring Machine Drill
Boring Machine Drill$1.00$3.00
Metallic Hammer Clang Impact
Metallic Hammer Clang Impact$1.00$3.00
Pan Metal Clang
Pan Metal Clang Impact$1.00$3.00
Low-Frequency Space Hit Impact
Thud Impact Noise$1.00$3.00
Laser Blade Swing Hum
Laser Energy Blade Clash$1.00$3.00
Metallic Hammer Clang Impact
Iron Hammer Nail Loop$1.00$3.00
Metallic Hammer Clang Impact
Hammer On Iron Nail$1.00$3.00
Construction Work Digger
Digger Machines Construction Area$1.00$3.00
Tank Shot Explosion Impact
Tank Shot Boom Impact$1.00$3.00
Medieval String Intro
Interrupted Sword Stroke$1.00$3.00
Grind Knife Dagger Blade
Knife Blade Grind$1.00$3.00
Hammer Impact
Iron Anvil Hammer$1.00$3.00
Shovel Gravel Roadworks
Shoveling Gravel Construction Site$1.00$3.00

Industrial sound effects differ from urban sounds. Big machines can be heard, the ambient noises are steely and sound dirty. Most of the industrial soundscapes are work-related in terms of big machines, factories or jobsite.