Licensing made easy

Our license overview makes it easy as 1, 2, 3 to see what you can do with every song, ident and sound effect.

SFX Single-use SFX Multi-use Standard Music License Mass Reproduction & Broadcast Film & Broadcast >1 Mio
No. of end products 1 unlimited 1 1 1
No. of clients 1 unlimited 1 1 1
YouTube, Vimeo, Vidyard and suchlike
TV, Radio, Broadcast and suchlike Max. audience size: 1 Million
Downloadable & physical product copies in 1 end product, not as is or as part of compilation in unlimited end products, but not as is or as part of compilation Max. copy & download amount: 10.000

Film release Indie production & film festival Indie production & film festival Theatrically released film
Resale as is or as (part of) stock item, template and suchlike

To learn more about our special licensing terms for a free sound effect earned via newsletter subscription, please see here.

Exceptions for on-demand, stock items and compilations

If you would like to use songs, idents or sound effects for on-demand services, on-demand products, stock items, stock templates or for selling them as part of a compilation, music collection or sound pack, please explain your inquiry with the following contact form. We will let you know, if an exception is possible. If so, you will receive a custom offer based on your use case, followed by a written permission that entitles you for the given usage.