Accordion Folk Polka

Folk Accordion & Happy Dubstep

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This is a short audio logo that starts with an accordion but fades into electronic dance music (EDM). The two elements are mixed together very well to create a new style out of it. The polka-ish sound is underlined by the electro bass and its Dubstep style. In the end the concertina has the final say by ending the sound logo with a folk music like outro. The different genres are mixed together and in addition some effects can be heard. This accordeon logo is perfect for purposes that treat traditional topics on the one hand, but modern on the other hand.


6 reviews for Folk Accordion & Happy Dubstep

  1. Aku Azuul

    Interesting combination although I do not know where or how to use music like that.

  2. The Blocks Agency

    You’ve got some crazy stuff here. Very well done.

  3. Blab

    It’s a funny mix, love the idea 😉

  4. Brady

    This reminds me of the intro of a local radio show. They play modern brass songs and local pop music. But on the other hand they play dubstep and electronic genres too. This intro characterizes both examples very well.

  5. Epicenter

    This is actually a really good idea

  6. Ike’s Wee Wee

    Funny – well done!

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