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Sportive Synth Electric Guitar Branding

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A strong and powerful ident that can be used for a sportive, flexible, modern, futuristic or lifestyle brand. The ident, that can also be used as intro or outro for a video, starts with effected, chopped vocals that keep saying “aah”, a snare drum one-shot appears and an electric guitar finishes the audio logo with its memorable and short melody. Though the notes are played by an electric guitar the sound logo is most likely a mixture between EDM and Rock genres. Then the ident fades out.


5 reviews for Sportive Synth Electric Guitar Branding

  1. Ceda ’04

    Very nice, please more electric guitar songs from now.

  2. Sonnor

    Very nice. I am thinking of using it for all of my vimeo productions.

  3. Jason

    Just what our NGO needs. And there are no downsides with the license?

  4. Nightskyler

    Perfect as youtube branding. But our audio team will alter it a bit if that is fine.

  5. John Cena Fanfare

    Neat, keep this style up. This community needs more songs and idents of this style.

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