Breaking News Anchorman Intro
News Flash Evening Show$4.00$36.00
Computer Tech Company Ident
Modern Intel Computer Tech$4.00$36.00
Upbeat Retro Game Chiptune Intro
Funny Retro Game Chiptune$4.00$36.00
News Synthesizer Intro
Old-School News Attention Synth$4.00$36.00
Asian Chinese Intro
Asian Chinese Fanfare$4.00$36.00
Happy Xylophone Intro
Positive Xylophone Fanfare$4.00$36.00
Plucked Acoustic Guitar Logo
Plucked Acoustic Guitar Logo$4.00$36.00
Radio Station Acid Synthestizer Intro
Synthesizer Intro Tune$4.00$36.00
Radio Station Acid Synthestizer Intro
Radio Station Laser Acid$4.00$36.00
Low-Frequency Space Hit Impact
Boom Impact Trailer Branding$4.00$36.00
1990s Eurobeat Children Fun
Funny Kids Circus Entertainment$4.00$36.00
Video Game Menu Theme
Happy Retro Game Channel$4.00$36.00
Gamepad Controller Press Buttons
YouTube Gaming Channel$4.00$36.00
Radio Station Acid Synthestizer Intro
Futuristic Acid Synth Opener$4.00$36.00
Radio CD Tray Open
Trap Radio Announcement$4.00$36.00
Radio CD Tray Open
Radio Station Stinger$4.00$36.00
Radio CD Tray Open
Radio Station Podcast Branding$4.00$36.00
Ghost Whoosh Effect
Horror Mystery Bells Stinger$4.00$36.00
TV Series Film Logo
Film Studio Logo Screen$4.00$36.00
Medieval Sad Piano Theme
Aggressive Classical Strings$4.00$36.00
Downtempo Electro Bass Harp
Dreamy, Blurry String Imagination$4.00$36.00
Motor Engine Vroom
Passing Car Drive-By Transition$4.00$36.00
Dubstep Wobble Bass Riser
Vocal Glitches & Trap Drums$4.00$36.00
Lobby Piano Theme
Achievement Success Piano$4.00$36.00
Sports Action Punk Rock Guitar
Punk Rock Guitar String Slide Overdrive$4.00$36.00
Lobby Piano Theme
Piano Triad Delay$4.00$36.00
Digital Glitch
Incoming Transmission Peep$4.00$36.00
Thriller Drop Swoosh Echo
Futuristic Wobble Water Drop Stinger$4.00$36.00
Retro Game Evil Intro
Retro Game Intro Theme$1.00$3.00
Electro House Clubbing Intro
Sportive Synth Electric Guitar Branding$4.00$36.00
Dark Guitar Riff
Rock Guitar Plucked Riff$4.00$36.00
Happy Xylophone Intro
Happy Marimba Xylophone$4.00$36.00
Calm News Ident
Piano String News Ding$4.00$36.00
Guitar Overdrive Echo Intro
Plucked Electric Guitar Arp$4.00$36.00
Classical Happy Guitar
Guitar Pluck Retro Bonus Coin$4.00$36.00
Guitar Overdrive Echo Intro
Electric Guitar Distorted Riff$4.00$36.00
Tribal Drum and Brass Beat
Ancient Medieval Oracle Tension$4.00$36.00
Calm News Ident
Brass News Flash Ticking Timer$4.00$36.00
Balkan Trumpet Brass
Brass News Flash Ticking Timer$4.00$36.00
Experimental Crash Impact SFX
Sudden Rise Glass Break Impact$4.00$36.00
Happy Xylophone Intro
Happy Xylophone Octave Hits$4.00$36.00

The demand for short stock idents and audio logos increased drastically over the past years. Every software, mobile app, film studio, web agency, YouTube channel or digital service needs a short ident to stay in people’s heads. Just think of a pink cellphone provider, your favorite cereals or any fast food company. You know them by their short audio logo sound already. Most short stock idents are only between 2 and 4 seconds, the rest can be an echo, a delay or a short fade out.