Breaking News Camera Show
Breaking News Anchorman Show$4.00$36.00
Futuristic Ambient Space Intro Theme
Ambient Space Magic$4.00$36.00
Electro House Clubbing Intro
Electro House Clubbing$4.00$36.00
Usher Trap Hip Hop
Usher Trap Hip Hop$4.00$36.00
Sad Piano Melody for Lonely Persons
Sad, Lonely Piano$4.00$36.00
Rock Guitar Event Intro
Driving Electric Guitar Event$4.00$36.00
Tribal Drum and Brass Beat
Tribal Brass & Drums$4.00$36.00
Modern Orchestra Ident
Modern News Orchestra$4.00$36.00
Progressive House Build Ident
Progressive House Build Up$4.00$36.00
Powerful Dubstep Intro
Complextro Dubstep Power$4.00$36.00
Medieval Sad Piano Theme
Jazzy Electro Swing Piano$4.00$36.00
Bass Bounce Wobble
Funky Guitar Advertising$4.00$36.00
8-Bit Game Theme
8-Bit YouTube Video Beat$4.00$36.00
Medieval String Intro
Medieval String Harp$4.00$36.00
Happy Children's Ukulele
Happy Children's Ukulele$4.00$36.00
Sports Action Punk Rock Guitar
Punk Guitar Sports Action$4.00$36.00
Advert Jingle Cheery Pop
Advert Jingle Cheery Pop$4.00$36.00
Electronic Organ Blues Jingle
Electronic Organ Blues Jingle$4.00$36.00
Bass Bounce Wobble
Cool Cheery Advert Background$4.00$36.00
THX Intro Movie Logo Rising
THX Intro Movie Logo Rising$4.00$36.00
Whoosh Riser Tension Impact
Calm Synthesizer Outro$4.00$36.00
Happy Children's Ukulele
Fast Cheer Advertising Jingle$4.00$36.00
Happy Folk Guitar
Happy Plucked Blues Guitar$4.00$36.00
Funky Slap Bass House
Rhythmic Funky Bass Slap$4.00$36.00
Rock Guitar Event Intro
Distorted Rock Guitar Riff$4.00$36.00
Calm Clarinet Solo
Fairytale Piano & Clarinet Solo$4.00$36.00
Disco Chill House
Retro Synth House Show Intro$4.00$36.00
Retro Game Evil Intro
Upbeat House Gaming Channel$4.00$36.00
Relaxing Synthesizer
Relaxing Synthesizer Interlude$4.00$36.00
Bass Bounce Wobble
Driving Funky Bass Slap$4.00$36.00
Medieval Sad Piano Theme
Soft Piano & Background Pad$4.00$36.00
Cinematic Whoosh Riser Impact
Massive THX Sweep Riser$4.00$36.00
Guitar Overdrive Echo Intro
Guitar Overdrive Echo Climax$4.00$36.00
Cinematic Whoosh Riser Impact
Rising Chord Tension$4.00$36.00
Happy Summer Guitar
Guitar Vacation Love Memories$4.00$36.00
Calm Relaxing Stock Piano
Cheerful, Relaxing Piano Pad$4.00$36.00
TV Series Film Logo
Uplifting 90s Retro Synthesizer$4.00$36.00
Calm News Ident
Commercial Dance Music Logo$4.00$36.00
Plucked Acoustic Guitar Logo
Modern Sampled Electric Guitar$4.00$36.00
Dark Guitar Riff
Evil Distorted Guitar Riff$4.00$36.00
Powerful Dubstep Intro
Aggressive Lento Violento Bass$4.00$36.00
Ringing Kitchen Timer
Calm Relaxing Timer Countdown$4.00$36.00
Computer Tech Company Ident
Computer Startup Boot System$4.00$36.00
Motivating Happy Piano
Happy Advert Piano Jingle$4.00$36.00
Siren Intro
Siren Signal Rise$4.00$36.00
Whoosh Riser Tension Impact
Mystery Swoosh Tension$4.00$36.00
8-Bit Game Theme
Melodic 8-bit Chiptune$4.00$36.00
Happy Xylophone Intro
Playful Swing Chimes Glockenspiel$4.00$36.00
Holy Guitar & Organ
Gospel Piano Synthesizer$4.00$36.00
Progressive House Build Ident
Distorted EDM Bass Intro$4.00$36.00
Sad Piano Melody for Lonely Persons
Sad, Serious Hip Hop Guitar$4.00$36.00
Ghost Whoosh Effect
Dark Ambient Mystery$4.00$36.00
Whoosh Riser Tension Impact
Brazen Stab Upward Riser$4.00$36.00
Happy Folk Guitar
1990s Plucked Pop Guitar$4.00$36.00
Breaking News Anchorman Intro
News Broadcast Tension$4.00$36.00
Usher Trap Hip Hop
Mysterious Trap Hip Hop$4.00$36.00
Electronic Bass Drop
Dark Wobble Dubstep$4.00$36.00
Upbeat House Party
Melodic Dubstep Drop$4.00$36.00
Classical Happy Guitar
Summer Chill Guitar$4.00$36.00
Warm Piano Fanfare Intro
Chill Jazz Lounge Piano$4.00$36.00
Bright Grand Piano Melody
Happy Everyday Children's Piano$4.00$36.00
Relaxing Pop Song
Everyday Advertisement$4.00$36.00
THX Intro Movie Logo Rising
Dramatic Superhero Trailer Opening$4.00$36.00
Dark Sad Hip Hop
Hip Hop Dance Crew$4.00$36.00
Sad Piano Melody for Lonely Persons
Slow Melancholic Lounge Guitar$4.00$36.00
Bass Bounce Wobble
Slap Bass Guitar Tribal Conga$4.00$36.00
Bass Bounce Wobble
Smooth & Easy Jazz Lounge Scene$4.00$36.00
Radio Station Acid Synthestizer Intro
Soft Synthesizer Rise$4.00$36.00
Alien Voice or Ghost Whispering Whoosh
Action Adventure Series Orchestra$9.00$89.00
Sad, romantic piano
Soft Happy Cloud Piano Pad Chords$4.00$36.00
Lobby Piano Theme
Upbeat Anime Series Show Intro$4.00$36.00
Classical Happy Guitar
Plucked Guitar Tension Mystery Danger$9.00$89.00
Happy Children's Ukulele
Happy Children Sing Dance Show$4.00$36.00
Dubstep Wobble Bass Riser
Complextro Dubstep Upbeat Synth$4.00$36.00
Bass Bounce Wobble
Cool, Jazzy Crime Detective Intro$4.00$36.00
Calm News Ident
Newsflash TV Intro$4.00$36.00
Guitar Overdrive Echo Intro
Powerful Orchestra and Electric Guitar$9.00$89.00
Electronic Bass Drop
Happy Upbeat EDM$4.00$36.00

An audio logo or an instrumental ident represents your company, your project or your whole company. In some cases it needs to be longer than a few seconds. In this category all long instrumental intros and stock idents longer than 10 seconds can be found.