I did not receive the correct file or any download at all

Please don’t be distracted by the name of the file you’re sent after purchasing. The file name can differ from the title of the item in our store, yet be the same audio file.

If you are having troubles with getting your download link or getting the correct audio file, please let our support team know. We will help you immediately. Please do not forget to include details of your order like the mail address you bought with and the item you purchased.

I am missing one specific sound or a song in a dedicated style

Say no more! Please submit a music request here. We will take care so you will receive the desired sound effect, song or audio logo within days. Please note that after finishing your request the audio item will be available in our store, just like any other audio file.

I would like to use the same item multiple times

In order to prevent licensing problems, it is not possible to buy the same item with the same or different license in one order. Usually, our customers buy different sounds and songs for one or multiple clients. In case of sound effects, the SFX Multi-Use license allows you to use the sound for several projects. For songs and idents, please buy the item with the desired license. If you need it another time, please do the same again and check out separately.

Which payment options do you offer?

We offer a variety of payment options. It shouldn’t matter where you come from or what options you have, because one of our options will surely be suitable for you.

  • Paypal: You can use Paypal either via a Paypal account or also without one by directly paying with your credit card. Credit card transactions are handled by Paypal in this case.
  • Credit Card: You can also pay with almost any Credit Card via Braintree.
  • Bank transfer: We also offer direct bank transfers for bulk purchases or on demand. Contact our support team for further information.

What do your audio licenses cover?

You can go big up to film, theatre and massive broadcast. But you can also keep it simple for personal projects or a single client you work for. Mostly the titles of the licenses are self-explanatory. A short description for every license can be found in the sidebar next to the items. Detailed information about our audio licenses can be found on this dedicated license overview.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Since we offer digital goods we can not offer a money-back guarantee, unfortunately. You can listen to the preview of every audio item before buying to hear what result you will get.

How do you deliver audio files?

All files will be delivered via email address. The email address is the only personal data we need from you so we can send the download links. Every audio item comes as lossless high-quality, 16-bit integer .WAV file and as compressed 320kbps .MP3 file for maximum compatibility. This way you have full control over the quality needed and the files are ready to use for any scenario.

Are bought items in the same quality as the previews?

The bought audio files are even better! As stated above, all files are delivered as high-quality, lossless .WAV files and also high-quality .MP3 files in 320kbps. The previews you hear in the store are compressed .MP3 files to make them load quickly, save bandwidth and also allow access for people with slow internet connections. Nevertheless, the previews are in good quality and represent the audio file so you can be sure that what you hear is what you get.

How do you categorize songs and music items?

Every stock song is given a main category. This main category defines its overall genre, style and mood. However, if a song fits into another category as well, it will also be assigned. A music item can have up to 3 categories. When in doubt, we will not over-tag the items, since this leads to confusion and unclear audio libraries.

For user submitted songs, usually the suggested genre will be adopted. However, if we think the user categorized the song incorrectly, we will reassign it without further notification.

How do you categorize idents and audio logos?

Besides being separated by being an intro, an outro, or both, idents are categorized accordingly to their length. The total length of the audio file will be taken for categorization. This also includes fade out, ritardando, reverb, delay or other effects. The available categories are:

  • Short Idents: Very short audio logos, pop ups, effect-like sounds or quick risers with a total length of under 5 seconds.
  • Medium Idents: Medium Idents have a length between 5 and 10 seconds. While exactly 5 seconds are categorized as short idents, exactly 10 seconds lead to a medium ident.
  • Long Idents: Everything longer than 10 seconds, is a long ident. Mostly these are intro songs, sometimes even idents with more instruments as there is more room and time to fill.

Example: An ident can be 11 seconds in total, although the actual instruments only play until the 9th second. Due to the echo the instruments need to fade out, the full file is 11 seconds. That means it will be categorized as “Long Ident”, not as “Medium Ident”.

What kind of user data do you store?

We collect the absolute minimum of data about our users and customers. In order to be GDPR compliant and have the least amount of bureaucracy, basically, everything we store is the legal amount of data for our national finance authority.