Missing that one sound? No problem.

If you’re experiencing troubles finding that specific sound, beat or audio logo, we’ve got you covered. Let us know what you are looking for and our audio engineers will work it out. Note that the sound will not be produced exclusively for you. It will be added to our audio items when it has been finished so you and our community both profit from it.

Which audio requests do you take?

This service is only for single and ordinary audio items. A sound effect may only contain one specific task or noise. A song and an ident only one mood, time and setting.

This means a music request can cover any category from domestic sound effects to unreal Science-Fiction SFX or any genre and mood like Piano songs as well as Violin orchestras. But what we won’t do is any kind of excessive multi-concept for the item. Basically, you can ask for anything similar to our existing audio database. We’ll give you some examples.

What can I request? What can I not request?
Sound Effects
  • A futuristic gun shot
  • Glass falling on the ground
  • A couple making out
  • Somebody picking flowers
  • A grunting pig
  • A plane passing by
  • The sound of Chewbacca falling down a cliff after being shot and smashing some enemies
  • 10 kittens purring at the same time
  • The exact sound of a Boeing 737 plane when having troubles in mid-air
Songs & Music
  • Creating a song in a similar mood and style as a given song
  • Happy Piano song with an estimated time of 2 minutes
  • Serious String orchestra song with some kettledrum hits
  • Beat that makes you think and forget about time to meditate
  • Sad song that can be looped seamlessly
  • A song that starts slowly with 80 BPM, has a break, then switches to 140 BPM, plays a funky guitar solo and goes back to 80 BPM for its jazzy outro
  • Ghost produced song where I can sing exactly my vocal line to
  • Recreation of my favorite song so I won’t have any copyright problems
Idents & Logos
  • Breaking news intro
  • Swoosh riser sound with an estimated length of 15 seconds
  • Arpeggio synthesizer that keeps getting louder
  • Chaotic sound sphere with a climax after 10 seconds
  • Recreation of the logo or ident of a known brand, company or software
  • Audio logo that only I can use exclusively
  • Working in your vocals or speech into an ident

How long will it take?

Besides working on new audio items and uploading hundreds of new files every week, our sound designers, audio engineers and dedicated contributors from our community will need some time to record, produce and optimize your music request.

  • Sound Effects: 2 workdays
  • Idents & Logos: 3 workdays
  • Songs & Music: 4 workdays

Send a music request

    We reserve the right to decline any request that doesn’t meet these guidelines, that tries to exploit our services or that is inappropriate in terms of moral, law or civility. Inappropriate or incongruous requests will not be answered.